The Weapons

Katori Shinto Ryo trains with several different weapons, and Sugawara Sensei teaches other weapons in addition to the core Katori weapons. Please contact Sugawara Sensei about procuring weapons from his select artisans available for his students only. Pricing may vary depending on availability and quality. 

Image credits- Deity and The Sword, v. 2; Copyright: SUGAWARA MARTIAL ARTS INSTITUTE, INC. 20-13, Tadao 3 chome, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194 Japan. Tel./Fax: (042)-794-0072.
Sugawara Iaito


Sugawara Sensei recommends practicing sword drawing or Iaido with iaito practice swords (aluminum "dulled" blades instead of sharpened steel). You can read more about them on wikipedia at the following link:ō

Sugawara Sensei offers high quality iaito exclusively for his students only at a discounted rate of 55,000 Yen, normally 70,000 Yen. Iaito includes cleaning kit, certificate, and sword bag. 

There are 2 sizes:

  • 2.3.5
  • 2.4.0

Chart of Sword Parts


For Katori Shinto Ryo and Aikido weapons, bokken are the preferred practice weapon.

Sugawara Sensei uses a particular style of bokken, with a particular weight, curve and point. His bokken are also hand-branded with his dojo name and available to his students only.

A shorter version of the bokken, a kodachi (shoto) is also used. 

Sugawara Brand


Katori Shinto Ryu also uses the staff, or bo.ō

Katori bo length is 183 cm (~72 inches)


Naginata is a Japanese style halberd.

Katori practice Naginata are 253.15 cm (99.67 inches) in length.


Advanced Katori practitioners also practice the yari, or spear. Instead of a point or blade, for practice a cushioned fabric or rubber point is used.

Katori uses a spear that is approximately 289.75 cm (~114.07 inches) in length. 



For aikido weapons, a jo is used.ō