Description: The logo is Sugawara Sensei’s family crest, or mon (kamon, emblem), an umebachi, or plum blossom, with swords. They are worn on clothes on formal occasions, and some of you may have seen Sugawara Sensei wearing it at his bi-annual festivals. The crest is a tradition going back centuries similar to European heraldry; the crest for the Katori Shrine for example, is Paulownia, and if you’ve purchased items there, they are emblazoned with it. Sensei’s crest is encircled in the Japanese and English name of his organization, a complete martial arts system.


For a limited time (ONLY through October 9, 2018) you can get the very first Sugawara Sogo Budo T-shirt featuring Sensei’s newly designed logo for just $25 USD.


This shirt was designed by two of Sensei’s students, and approved by him as the first official shirt showcasing his new logo. The timing of the shirt campaign is to ensure that they are printed and delivered in time for Sensei’s visit to the USA this fall. We at Capital Katori are running this as a fundraiser, and a small portion of the sale price is going direct to our dojo to assist with the large Sensei seminar in November, and for other costs and digital services. The primary order delivery will go to the dojo here in Washington, D.C. and those visiting can pick up their shirt there shortly before the seminar, or at the seminar itself.

Others around the USA and Canada can get theirs shipped direct to their home or dojo via individual or group order.

We recognize that Custom Ink https://www.customink.com/fundraising/sugawara-budo-new-logo does not ship to all international locations, and that shipping is costly. We suggest you pool your orders together and have them shipped to one place. If you would like an order, and custom ink doesn’t ship to you, please contact us through the website here and we will do our best to arrange something with you to get an order to you somehow. This may be that you order and have it shipped to the dojo in WDC, and then we ship it via a method to accommodate your location. We are trying to be all inclusive here as best we can. If this is successful, for the next iteration we will see about more international alternatives and a continually available product for new members etc. Please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns via the website contact form. Thanks!

P.S. If you would like to add Sensei’s logo to your own website to show membership in the Sugawara Budo family, please let us know and we will provide you with digital versions.

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