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Cross Border Seminar in Sweden, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece

There are so many borders inside and outside of us.

With the Cross Border Seminar, we hope to overcome these borders and work together for friendship, health, and development of martial arts.

All this is possible thanks to the decades of effort of our Teacher, Sugawara Tetsutaka!

Katori 20 years anniversary in Stockholm, then Budapest, Sofia and Thessaloniki.

Seminar schedule:
14-19.09 - Stockholm,Sweden - KATORI SHINTO RYU and AIKIDO with Peter Spangford
19-21.09 - Budapest, Hungary - AIKIDO with Kozsuharov Ognjan
21-24.09 - Budapest, Hungary - KATORI SHINTO RYU with Somogyvári Szabolcs
25-28.09 - Sofia, Bulgaria - KATORI SHINTO RYU with Zahari Georgiev
28-30.09 - Thessaloniki, Greece - KATORI SHINTO RYU with Matzaras Konstantino